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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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She may be the one who knows you best and sometimes dresses to your impress. She’s your mom, and Mother’s Day shouldn’t make you stressed! So, how do you get something for someone who’s given you everything? No matter what her interests are, Somerset Collection has something for your number one fan!

The Creative
Does your mom express creativity with colorful? If so, get something that matches her radiant personality! Be bold and look for one of a kind items that you know only she would wear.

Bright yellow clothes and accessories from Brooks Brothers

Where to find it:
Somerset Collection South, Level One

Mindfulness Mom
If your mom is mining her mindfulness, she’ll love items that are pseudo-scientific for mind, body and spirit. There are many beauty products have essential oils that stimulate the mind and skin. Plus, lots of jewelry have crystals that help encourage a meditative state of mind.

Natural skincare products from Origins

Where to find it:
Somerset Collection North, Level Three

Loves Luxury
If your mom loves luxury, look no further. Whether Louis, Salvatore, Stewart or Giorgio, we have you covered.

Louis Vuitton Luggage

Where to find it:
Somerset Collection South, Level One

Find these trends and more, only at Somerset Collection.

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