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Top Pinterest Trends – Beauty

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Kiehls beauty products

Pinterest’s 2019 resolutions were revealed at the end of last year with their annual “Pinterest 100” report, which predicts the top upcoming trends. These are determined based on the most popular searches on Pinterest for the last six months. Two months into 2019, we are taking a look at the beauty trends and will keep your looks lasting throughout the year, and where you can find them at Somerset Collection.

Liquid Exfoliator
If you need a gentler toner for your face, try a liquid exfoliator instead. Like witch hazel, this type of exfoliator can help eliminate excess oils and have other benefits like anti-age protection. Normal and sensitive skin types should stick with water-soluble formulas while oily and sensitive skin types should look for oil-soluble ingredients in their products.


Where to find it:
Origins, Level 3, Somerset Collection North

Glossy Makeup
Gloss is no longer just for your lips—add the hydration to every step of your makeup routine. To start, look for exfoliators and other prepping products that specialize in both hydrating and brightening your skin. Furthermore, products that give you a “prismatic” finish or a glow will also help you lock in that dewy or shimmery look.


Where to find it:
Somerset Collection, Level 1, Somerset Collection North

Standout Lip Color
Looking for a simple but impactful pop in your final beauty look? Try a new, bold lip to complement a subtle makeup approach. Minimizing the makeup elements will create a striking balance that’ll draw even more attention to the demanding color. No matter what the effect or shade type, look for ingredients like vitamin E or aloe to keep your lips from drying out.

feed my lips™ pure nourish-mint™ lipstick

Where to find it:
Somerset Collection, Level 2, Somerset Collection North

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