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A Body In Motion film transcript

Forbes Film Series Presents
Body In Motion
Starring Caci Cole Pritchett
Gentle Music is playing. A woman is lounging on a couch. She starts slowing moving with graceful dance-like movement.
Art card reads: “A Body In Motion Stays In Motion” Sir Isaac Newton
The woman gets up from the couch in slow dance movement and moves around the room. Glass shatters. Upbeat Music begins. The woman dances faster, moves into another room and her outfit changes. She continues to dance while the music plays. As she moves along her outfit changes again, and again, and again. The music changes again to a gentle song and the woman slows her dance as her outfit changes again and she lands back on the couch.
Art card reads: Let Fashion Move You
From the Retailers of Somerset Collection
In Association with The Forbes Company
Music Changes and the Credits Roll
A Production of Panzano + Partners
Written and Directed by David Todd McCarty
Cinematography by Jay Feather
Produced by Cris Andrei
Emporio Armani
Alexsandre Akhalkatsishvili
Make up: Maki Hasegawa
Hair: Laura Seba
Wardrobe: Erin McSherry
Wardrobe Assistant: Kirsten Antonio
Art Director: Josh Visser
Assistant Props: Jack De Sousa
Casting: Don Case Casting
Choreography: Caci Cole Prichett
Camera Operator: John Schwartz
Assistant Cameraman: Matt Hamm
Assistant Cameraman: Adam Miller
Data Manager: Peter Harrison
Gaffer: Yusuke Naito
Second Electric: Matt Reilly
Key Grip: Sam Kretschmer
Second Grip: Rolf Eberline
Truck Grip: Jeff Knoblauch
Locations: Colin Lewis
Production Manager: Sean Peter Martin
Swing: Heidi Grunwald
Production Asst: Christopher Ruballo
Production Asst: Fabian Spady
Production Asst: Daniel Sanabria
Production Asst: Josh Parkhill
Editor/Color: David Todd McCarty
Agency: Panzano & Partners, LLC
Creative Director: Dawn LaZarus
Account Executive: Gina Sandoz
Music Artlist
“Settle Down” Giants and Pilgrims
“Brotherhood” Rich Pixies
“Howling at the Moon” d fine us
Location: Please Space, Red Hook NY
Catering: Chef Anya
Camera Rental: Matt Hamm
Camera Rental: TCS
Grip and Electric Rental: ILG
Staring: Casi Cole Prichett
Forbes Film Series
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