Retailer Spotlight: Gucci Celebrates the Oddball In Its Fall 2018 Campaign

Gucci has a way of making anything look chic and stylish, and most recently, hoarding.


That’s right, hoarding.


Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele and longtime collaborator, photographer Glen Luchford, have teamed up again to push boundaries, turn heads and keep people coming back for more. Their endless imaginations have conceptualized this recent campaign that may leave you reminiscing of cozy afternoons spent at grandma’s house or with a chill down your spine and creepy vibes.


The video images feature a clan of quirky individuals who look like outsiders – surrounding themselves with strange objects, such as plush dolls, wigs on bodiless mannequins, vintage china and figurines.



Despite one’s initial reaction, the campaign is meant to “champion that notion that those who the mainstream often considers to be oddballs are frequently the most interesting and creative people, and that true individuality is a badge of pride.”


When decked in Gucci, hoarding is chic.


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