The Making of the Somerset Collection Holiday Book 2014….. “This is the Moment”

Holiday Book Cover


It’s your moment – your chance to create memories from life’s simplest pleasures. Every day serves up 1,440 minutes – 86,400 precious seconds – each one a gift for each of us to enjoy.


This year’s Somerset Collection holiday magazine is designed to inspire you to make the most of every one of those moments. Enjoy lush photographs of just-off-the-runway fashions and seasonal delights. It’s nostalgic, taking you on a journey through fashion’s memory lane to rediscover the defining moments in the history of the world’s leading design houses. Appreciate the luxury, simplicity, and tradition of handmade craftsmanship. Relive iconic scenes from silver screen classics. Savor ideas for holiday giving, selected to help you bring joyful moments to those you love.


This holiday season, make every moment extra special.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Somerset Collection!