Top 5 Fall/Winter Trends for Men: Technical Outerwear

During this last Fashion Month, we scoured all the top trends in menswear for the fall/winter season. Throughout these next few months, we will reveal the five masculine trends you really need to know about and where exactly to get them at. So, without further ado, let’s begin the countdown with technical outerwear.


Trend #5: Technical Outerwear


Sure, too many bells and whistles will make you look like you’re headed up for a trek up Everest. But streamlined versions like these can be worn with just about anything, anywhere–we’ve even seen them look great over a suit.




Where to get the technical outerwear trend: 


J.Crew – Level 2 of Somerset Collection South, near Neiman Marcus.

The North Face – Level 2 of Somerset Collection North, near the North Parking Lot.

Zara – Level 1 and 2 of Somerset Collection North, near Macy’s.


Find all the latest trends only at Somerset Collection. And keep an eye out for our #4 top trend in masculine wear, coming next month.