Top 5 Fall/Winter Trends for Men: Pinstripes

During this last Fashion Month, we scoured all the top trends in menswear for the fall/winter season. Throughout these next few months, we will reveal the five masculine trends you really need to know about and where exactly to get them at. We’ve already revealed the first two trends: technical outerwear and western. This month, we look into the third top trend: pinstripes.


Trend #3: Pinstripes


Yes, athleisure and the continued casualization of everything still seems to be in full swing. But rebellion is how new trends arise. With pinstripes back in this season (though they never really went out of style), this might be a sign of dressier things to come.



Where to Get The Pinstripes Trend:


Brooks Brothers – Level 1 of Somerset Collection South, near Crate and Barrel.

Burberry – Level 1 of Somerset Collection South, near Saks Fifth Avenue.

J.Crew – Level 2 of Somerset Collection South, near Neiman Marcus.


Find all the latest trends and more, only at Somerset Collection. And keep an eye out for the second top trend of the season, coming next month.