Trending Now: White After Labor Day

Crisp air, colored leaves and pumpkin spice lattes are sure signs fall is here. We begin to swap out our wardrobes, replacing sandals for boots and sundresses for sweaters, but what about those white heels you love?


Restricting white after Labor Day is a fashion dictate that has become taboo. While it’s unclear exactly who created this rule and when many suspect it was after the Civil War when more and more people were becoming millionaires. Women from Old Money families were said to have created fashion rules that women who were “in” had to follow. If a woman showed up at an event breaking a rule, others would ignore her, suspecting she was of new money. Wearing white after Labor Day was said to be one of those rules.


Fashion often repeats itself, but donning white after Labor Day is definitely acceptable now. Here are few fall-worthy pieces you can add to your wardrobe this season and tips on how to style them.


"Juliet Boot" from Coach - $295

“Juliet Boot” from Coach – $295



Wear these casual, chic booties with your favorite pair of cropped flares. On top, opt for a slub tee and moto jacket or chunky sweater. White booties also look great with a breezy, floral dress.


"Milano Knit Cropped Pants" from St. John - $595

“Milano Knit Cropped Pants” from St. John – $595


Wear these pants with a silk blouse for the work week or cami for a sophisticated evening out. If you live in a warmer climate, stick with the heeled sandals (as in the picture). Otherwise, opt for a classic pump.


White Wool Coat from Gucci - $2,800

White Wool Coat from Gucci – $2,800


This coat speaks for itself. Wear it with everything! The quintessential winter white. The oversize cut will keep your look on trend, while the gold-toned buttons add a classic feel.


White Trench from Zara – $49.90


If wool is too warm for your neck of the woods, try this lightweight jacket from Zara. It’s the perfect topper for any look and ideal for those days when the weather can’t make up its mind.


Where to Find the Looks:

Coach– Level 2 of Somerset Collection South, near Saks Fifth Avenue.

Gucci – Level 2 of Somerset Collection North, near the North Parking Structure.

St. John – Level 1 of Somerset Collection South, near Neiman Marcus.

Zara – Level 1 and 2 of Somerset Collection North, near Macy’s.


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